Nov 012008

The letter was received by White House through FEDEX on 25-August-2008. It was neither acted upon nor acknowledged. When the matter of utmost national importance and urgency was received at the White House, they chose to ignore. It shows how bureaucratic and unimaginative the White House officials are. When the nation was sinking, even a small life line was worth taking a chance. But Nay, George W Bush was destined to go down as the worst ever President of the United States in its history, a man who completely ruined and destroyed every fabric of America

Ref: 08-012 of 31-Oct-2008
That’s right. I had the perfect solution to the present problems facing the United States and the world. I sent a letter to the President of the United States of America, Mr. George W Bush, suggesting my complete plan to resolve the problem of not only Sub Prime crisis but also to offer the complete blue print in no uncertain terms to solve the most of the problems that you are hearing day in and out on CNBC, BBC, NBC, ABC , CBS and host of finance specific newspapers around the country and the world.


I also wrote that it was time for action for the President Bush, that his last 60 days of Presidency were the most important part of his career, and that he could change the face of America in just under 60 days. It was not the time for relaxation but action. I warned that if he did not take the swift action, the worse days would follow.

I also sent a copy of this letter to the Consul General of United States in Hong Kong for his information so that in case, some bureaucrat ignored the letter, he could have filled in the gap to alert the appropriate authorities. I also gave my full identity.

And the result was disastrous. Within 16 days, the worst things started happening in United States in quick succession. Trillions of dollars were lost in worst ever shake up on Wall Street and Nasdaq, $700 billions package was designed by Paulson and Bernanke who do not know even today, what are the real problems facing the United States, and they go on printing and guaranteeing the bad debts running into trillions of dollars.


Here is the full text of my letter (Last two pages of my profile and cover page of my new book are omitted here).


Tell me, If you were the President of United States of America, if you were facing the enormous problems, and you got a letter that claimed to redress all vital problems facing the country, what would you have done? Read the letter and acted, at least deliberated, or just ignored and dumped into the dustbin? Vote for it at the end of this article:


All Paulson and Bernanke’s Bail Out plan of US$ 700 billions were really not necessary. This plan is not working nor will work in future. It will simply give rise to massive rise in inflation that may see the interest rates climbing to 24% to 30% in less than 18 months.


Both Paulson and Bernanke are hell bent upon printing the dollars as way out for current massive problem. They do not know the problem at all – where is the question of looking forward to them for solution. Why Should American Tax payers bear the cost of over US$ 1.5 trillions spent so far and hand over the blank checkbook to these two guys who have run out of common sense and wielding monetary weapons in complete darkness?


A copy of My Letter dated 18-Aug-2008 (Received by White House on 25 Aug 2008) is reproduced below with a copy of my letter to addressed to Consul General of United States in Hong Kong.

Mr. George W Bush,

The President of the United States of America,
The White House , 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500 USA

Dear Mr. President,
  Sub Prime Resolved

The Bible for Recovery of the United States of America

I have solution for not only the sub-prime crisis, but also the most comprehensive economic and political solution for other troubles like falling dollar, rising crude and commodity prices, gold and geo-political crisis in the Middle East. So far as I know from the public knowledge, I am at this point of time, the only person in the world to have complete and speediest solution for the current range of crisis engulfing the United States.


First thing first. Who am I? Kalidas is a nickname – my real name is mentioned in the enclosed profile. Briefly, I am a Hindu by religion, borne in Mumbai (India), grew up for 36 years there, currently a Permanent Resident of Hong Kong for over 24 years, a full British Citizen (my sole nationality), and a friend of the United States of America. I have 40 years of combined experience in banking, as stock broker, bond trader, in capital markets, business and finance. I have clean record in all countries of my residence.

Sub Prime Resolved

Sub Prime Resolved

You stand excellent chance to make your last 90 days of Presidency the most memorable event of your political career. What could not be achieved in the past 2700 days of Presidency, would be achieved in just 90 days. Your approval rating could rise to over 90 by the time you would give up your Presidency.

The chances for success will be between 70% to 95% if you implement the suggestions with full conviction. Within next 90 days, before November 4, 2008, the United States will be up and running on all cylinders if you appreciate the solution and take the line of actions suggested.

Kindly do not write off the remaining 90 days as a social exercise bidding farewell to old buddies or resign to the fate of helplessness that nothing else can be done anymore. Unlike Katrina, this is a man made crisis and can be resolved by human efforts alone. Your time for action starts now.

Ask any member of your cabinet or even great investors. They are all searching for the two ends in highly complex intertwined ball of ropes. No one will come close within 1000 yards to the solution that I have outlined after almost 6 months of day and night efforts.


Let me tell you briefly how my entire work is organized in almost 260 pages.

Modular design…
My work consists of 18 chapters on each subject of current economic or political troubles. It is in modular design. Each chapter is independent of the other in most cases, except where some correlation exists. Each chapter contains the problem identification, its origin, extent, size and seriousness of the problem, and most importantly, the Solution that is eluding the most. The solution is accompanied separately by Action Plan, Time Line and extent of qualitative and quantitative benefits that can be derived in prescribed time frame. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is target specific. Nothing vague. The report is written in very simple language without any technical cliché – even a person of ordinary intellect can understand it very clearly.


Assign each Chapter/Task to concerned Cabinet member or Department for target specific actions within definite time frame. All departments are given specific leads how to proceed so that details could be worked out by them in shortest possible time.



Chapter Contents

No. of Pages

For Notes and Comments


Sub  Prime  Crisis

·         Need  of  the  hour…  to  diffuse  the  financial  bomb

·         Identification,  Origin  and  the  size  of  the  problem

·         Crux  of  the  problems  to  fix    Foreclosure  and  Collapse  of  Derivatives

·         Suggested  Measures  to  stop  the  creation  of  further  bad  sub-prim e  loans

·         Legality  of  the  foreclosures,  and  how  the  borrowers  exploit  the  lenders.

·         Solution  for  Credit  Crisis  hurting  large  banks  and  brokers…Action  Plan




Reversing  Dollar  Flow

  • Full  range  of  target  specific  measures  to  reverse  the  dollar  flow      
  • There  are  two  m ore  chapters  one  has  to  read  with    Chapter  5,10,  14




Growth  &  Consumer Spending

·         Obsolete    theory  of  consumer  spending  leading  to  growth  in  GDP    

·         Spoilt  consumers  and  excessive  protectionism         

·         Consumers’  exploitation  by  Banks       




Using  Business   Immigration




US Dollar, Euro and Eurodollar

·         Understanding  complex  inter-relationship

·         How US financial system is attacked by a group of nations without even US knowing it

·         Relationship  with  Oil  prices,  how  to  cause  crash  in  oil  prices?

·         How  to  address  trillion  dollar  industry  with  ease  and  effect

·         One more  Parallel  economy and  how  to make the billions  out of it?




FED is not GOD

·         Excessive  reliance  on  FED  for  growth

·         Where the FED fails..?  Role of FED vs.  Treasury

·         FED Chairmanship vs.  American  Presidency

·         How FED creates unemployment?

·         Monetary Policy vs.  Fiscal  Policy

·         $  Carry  trades  in  low  interest  environment




Inflation  &  Growth    Misdirected  policies

·         Inflation, Stagflation, Growth and Expectation

·         Demand, Wage and never  recognized  Derivative induced  inflation

·         Correcting  the  policies




Non-inflationary  growth

·         Absurd  concept and misdirected policies as result

·         Creative  containment  of  inflationary  numbers




Long  Term  Interest  Rate  Policy

·         Ad  hoc  short  term  policy  on  Interest  rates  do  not  work

·         How to make LT Interest Rate policy dynamic?

·         How  to  contain  $  carry  trades  and  derivatives  with  LT  Interest  Policy




Humpty  Dumpty  Dollar  Down

·         How dollar drowns?

·         Dow vs. Dollar    before  10  years  and  now

·         Political  reasons  for  dumping  dollar

·         Political  actions  to  reverse  the  dollar  flow




Off shore to On shore




Introducing  Dynamic  Taxation

·         Americans’  flight  from  on  shore  to  off  shore.

·         Parabola  Structure  of  Taxation.

·         Current  Taxation  and  Rate  Structure    big  negative .

·         How  to  reward  efficiency  in  taxation  to  make  it  more  rewarding

·         How  to  increase  Corporate  tax  revenue  by  reducing  taxes

·         Dynamic  Taxation  policy  with  automatic  adjustment

·         Revising  Individuals  and  Corporate  tax  structure  with  full  tables (32 pages)

·         How US to benefit using Convertible Bonds of troubled borrowers?

·         How to reduce the tax rate and earn the billions more

·         Pro-Active  Taxation  policy


Plus 32 pages of Taxation schedule for Corporate and Individuals


Reviving  Auto  Industry

·         Funding  Auto industry to retain and increase jobs

·         Funding  Auto sector  via innovative  financing

·         Making  billions of Tax payers’ money  by helping Auto sector

·         Similar policy for Airlines as well




Oil Price

·         Who rockets the oil prices and how?

·         How to contain oil prices?  Relationship  between  ICE  and  NYMEX

·         Relationship  between  Oil  Prices  and  Dollar  at  various  centers

·         Comprehensive  plan  to  manage  and  control  oil  prices




Where is McKenna’s Gold?

·         Does US have 8134 tons of Gold as claimed?

·         Where the Gold has disappeared? Physical holding does not mean ownership. It is only a custodial holding.

·         Strong  dollar  policy and Gold – Dollar’s downfall

·         How to rebuild real gold reserve on dynamic basis to lend  strength to $




Dealing  with  Islam

·         Understanding  Islam

·         Peace  with  four  “I”    Islam, Iraq, Iran and Israel

·         Difference between Nationalist and Terrorist

·         Complete re-thinking of policy and bringing Islam within the realm of modern era

·         Policy of engagement vs. Confrontation

·         Dealing with Palestine, Lebanon and Israel – possible Action Plan.

·         Retreating from Iraq and engaging in its development.

·         Dealing with Iran and Islam

·         Dealing with Afghanistan and Osama  Bin  Laden

·         How Islamist will surrender terrorism?

·         Ending a war on terror and starting war for peace




US  Should  ….itself 

(Using defense technology for peaceful purpose)

·         Facing natural disasters like flooding, tornado, wild fires using defense technology

·         Converting  killing  machines into most modern weapons for  peaceful use

·         Converting passive military technology into $300 Billions a year export industry using US Army Corp

·         Better read this article in full rather than discussing it here







As you can see, the entire plan is very comprehensive. Full facts, figures, data are given in simple yet effective manner. It offers solution and tells the administration what to do rather than what others criticize what should not have been done. It is more directional. Written in the first person style, it is more interactive and evocative. No more beating around the bush – straight talk.


If you have interest, please contact me by email. I may not be available in Hong Kong for a few days due to family wedding which will be over by 26August, 2008.. I will provide you full contact details once I see firm interest in the above proposal. I will be in USA for a few days.


All the proposed actions can be taken within 45 days, allowing sufficient time for deliberation and discussion. It will be understood by all within minutes.


Terms of Engagement
I will disclose my terms of engagement, once I see the interest. If no proposal is received, I will publish my work in the form of a book after a few months. However, in that case, the US will lose first strike advantage, and some erring nations will go scot free. The trillions of dollars inflow and income will be lost. US will never be able to recover from present economic mess in which it is. The worst days will come if no actions are taken now to address the challenge.


My fees will be mostly performance based, except certain minimum. It will be based on simple formula.


Since this is an unsolicited offer, I do not expect any reply in case there is no interest. However, those who are handling this letter are requested to at least inform the President of the contents.


Hong Kong,
18 August, 2008


Oct 072008

A true nature of a person or nation comes to the fore, when it comes under extreme duress. A bankrupt person, corporation or a nation tries very hard to project itself as a person of extra ordinary means, contrary to facts, figures and market rumors, and go on shopping spree

This is why billions of dollars are being paid by one bankrupt bank or corporation to the other in take over process lasting only a few hours. No due diligence, no submission of bid to the board, No minority interest, no news out – just black out.

Today’s scenario reflects “blind game”. No one knows about self or other party. The suitor does not know what he has, and the target does not know what it is worth. The vultures circling on the prey, ask for $700 billions with no questions asked. With worsening scenario being played out every day, no one in right mind will ever buy US dollar. Look at the box under Dollar Up and consider the following:

The President of United States, Senators, and Congressmen are stunned at the attack of unknown origin and extreme brutality. This is an act of extortion of $700 billions. Call it “Blackmail of Greenback” if you like.
  • Fannie/Freddie Mae got $200 Bln,
  • AIG $85 Bln,
  • JP Morgan got $59 billions ($30 Bln for taking over Bear Sterns and $29 Bln given to Bear Stearns itself),
  • Washington Mutual Bank (WaMu) was given $230 Bln in last 3 months, all zero now,
  • $673 Blns flooded into the market on Dow’s fateful day losing 778 points, and
  • Billions of others not yet declared but given to host of banks, brokers and investment banks.
  • $700 billions are now planned to be spent to buy the rotten and Zero value assets of the bankrupt banks.
  • Bernanke opened up the empty treasury and also opened up largest currency printing press in the world, working 247365 or 24 x 7 x 365 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all 365 days a year) Never before in the history of United States, the dollar was printed with such intensity and also disappearing with the speed of hurricane category 6 into a giant black hole

No foreigner in right frame of his mind would at this point of time buy US dollar against his own currency, be it Euro, Pounds, Yen, Yuan, Aussie Dollar or any damn local currency.

With Dow falling, bonds collapsing, properties dumping, interbank dealing sine die, who is buying the US dollar? Why Euro, the most suitable alternative currency for US dollar is falling, when it should have gone to almost magic 2.00 figure? If any foreigner wants to buy stocks or bonds or $ class assets, he has to sell his own currency and buy $. Then only $ could go up. But when the foreigners are not buying $, in fact, they are dumping dollar assets, who is buying this bankrupt dollar in that case?

About 10 years ago, whenever Dow rose, dollar also used to rise, because foreigners have to buy $ first before buying stocks or bonds. For the last 5 years, especially in last 3 years, dollar is falling while the Dow and Bond rising. This means that there is no demand for $ from overseas, it is only from within. The dollar so printed by FED is being used to manage (or manipulate) various sensitive commodities like Oil and other foreign currencies like Euro.

Who is Buying Dollars, Why and How?

Of course, the Americans by themselves. Not the ordinary resident Americans. They are just naïve and innocent law abiding citizens. The crooks are in the corporate world. Some US institutions, in US and newly floated off shore corporate entities, under the ostensible authority from US administration, are now buying US$ index and shorting Oil (Light Sweet grade) heavily on NYMEX. They appear to have been commissioned to search and destroy the vicious circle of oil price rise which is the major cause of inflation.

This is similar to the practice being adopted during the days of Clinton Administration when the Rupert Rubin was the Treasury Secretary. He was a proponent of strong dollar policy, and during his administration, the Asian crisis unfolded, Enron was created and busted, LTCM with over $1 trillions of exposure to the market was bankrupted. His policies and practice were known as “Rubinomics”. He engineered the rescue package for LTCM with the help of 14 local and foreign banks and brokers, raising $3.6 billion initially to $26 Billions progressively according to market rumors.

After 12 months, this group was disbanded saying that the problem was resolved. Even the best fund manager in the world, can not generate the return of $ 1 trillions or $1000 billions with meager $26 billions of fresh capital, that is, whopping 3846% return annualized. Show me a single fund manager in the world, including George Soros and Julian Robertson (now dead). The losses of $ 1 trillion are still in the system under various names and disguises.

However, both future contracts are subject to physical delivery. So on settlement day, these contracts are reversed by covering the short position in oil, and liquidating the long position in $. This is why during September settlement, there was vicious move to cover the “oil shorts” against $ index, with the result that oil prices spiked up by over $25 in a single day, and dollar slumped against the major constituent currencies like Euro. The contracts were rolled over to October/November by selling the Oil futures again, and buying the $ index. Euro weakened on the following day of its steep rise due to such roll over, and oil fell from $130 to $106 again in just under 2 days.

Another ENRON in the making, this time 20 times larger…
In short, Rubinomics is back. The banks used in these cases appear to be same old players who were and are close to the US administration – CITI, JPMC and BOA. The brokers are also same as before, Goldman Sachs except Salomon Brothers this time which has been bankrupted before in LTCM saga.

The similar situation will develop again with OPEC starting to control the spot market by curtailing production. They already reduced by 500,000 barrels per day. At least that part can not be controlled by the US institutions.

Both Rupert Rubin, former Treasury Secretary and Hank (Henry) Paulson, present Treasury Secretary, who just got the blanket authority to spend $ 700 billions whenever and wherever he wants with no questions asked or for any sort of accountability, are from the only surviving Broker – Goldman Sachs. It is obvious that part of this loot will go to his former colleague to cause the collapse of Oil prices and Euro, British Pounds, Commodity currencies like Aussie dollar, South African Rand, Canadian dollars and Russian ruble. This strategy was employed before while engineering Asian Monetary Crisis.

Myth & Reality of Oil Prices…

When the giant economy in corporate world or Central Banks (Fed in USA) or Treasury department, became very creative (manipulative in layman’s terms) in accounting, and they in the name of “financial engineering” go on inventing methods or products and use any means.

It may be noted that –

  • Oil prices started falling from July onwards. US$ too started climbing from July Onwards
  • The oil prices fall and dollar climbs (euro, GBP, Yen, etc falls) in beginning of the month
  • The position reverses on settlement day due to physical settlement requirements
  • This is why there was sharpest rise in Oil by $25 in a day, and $ fall steeply same way
  • After roll over into November settlement, the oil prices fell again and US$ rose
  • Many honest people believe that rise in oil prices Vs dollar was due to rising demand of oil from emerging economies like China and India. They also believed that recent fall in oil prices were due to fears of recession and demand destruction. These are naïve and puritan people who believe that the world is as pure as gold
  • In reality, we are living in a murky world. No real demand or supply – just paper trading of derivatives and futures – that determine the prices. The entire dollar and oil market is dominated by powerful nations in the Middle East and United States.
  • Off shore entities may have been used in more than 50% of cases to avoid any scrutiny. The funding of $ index is arranged by 3 of top 5 banks in United States

In my opinion, there was no reason for oil prices to go to $145 due to excess demand from China and India. Their consumption is a tiny part of what United States consumes. The prices were going up due to some nations’ collective efforts to punish the United States for its crime in Islamic world. Similarly, the recent fall in Oil prices and rise of dollar was due to the game of poker being played by United States.


Most of the Economists only know theories. They never had enough education on the front line of the markets. There is a saying that “Everything is fair in Love and War”. In today’s world, we are in the middle of intense financial war of unimaginable proportion. So do not ask any questions.


This is why Henry Paulson got the diplomatic immunity for spending $700 billions. It is therefore very likely that a man worth $700 millions, armed with $700 billions, with diplomatic immunity, and his dear firm Goldman Sachs at his service, the world may be facing lot of unexplainable conduct in the financial market like UFO in physical science. Expect huge manipulations.

Only yesterday, the strongman Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, having found his budget delayed for several days, raised a demand of $7 billions before Paulson who has $700 billions in his kitty now.

He will ask – why would not you give me $7 billions for the worthy cause of managing my sunny state, when you are trying to pump in 100 times more into the bankrupt banks and brokers? If you can print $700 billions for them, why not print $300 billions more for the states for much desirable cause?

Hong Kong